Sunday, January 01, 2006

All spiritual groups, schools, centers, lineages, workshops, workshop centers, etc. are parts of a whole that has not yet come into existence. A whole that can only be brought into existence by the parts that make it up. No one individual and no one group can do that job.
What this whole will be like, I do not know. No one can know. Yet.
Most spiritual groups do not even know that there is a whole yet to be born. So most make do one way or another. A single community (sangha) or teaching either may try to handle areas that it is not very good at. Or it may deny the importance or even the existence of any spiritual practice/area outside its range of competence. "Just do this one practice and it will take care of everything."
Very rarely, a group or collection of a number of groups may try to create the whole-that-is-to-come by itself. From the top down. From on high.
What is the best posture to take? One of trusting curiosity.
This is not just about an approach that integrates these elements. It is about allowing something new to come into form, something new that will provide a new context in which existing elements can be more themselves because they are no longer needing to be what they are not.


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