Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Link to good detailed analysis of Iranian leadership

I have no way to verify the details, but this analysis makes sense to me.

In coverage of Iran, I have seen a discontinuity between what was said just before the last Iranian election (Iranians tired of Islamicist dogmatism and corruption and want to join the advanced modern world) and what was said since the election (Iranians backing someone who is a right-wing extremist even by Iranian standards). The post-election coverage did not even mention this discontinuity, no less explain it. Was there a real shift within Iranian general opinion or had we just misread the pre-election situation? Or is the post-election explanation misleadingly simplification?

Or is the situation in Iran too similar to the situation in the US to tolerate seeing it accurately (those least well off under the current system taking refuge in religion and extreme right-wing religion that seems to go against their own material interests)?

The analysis in this article is consistent with both the pre- and post-election appearances and that gives it credibility in my eyes: http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Middle_East/HD26Ak02.html

I read http://www.atimes.com daily for the incredible variety of viewpoints expressed. Many are tendentious (=all but mouthpieces for some political interest), some are simply moronic, but many are jewels, it becomes very obvious very quickly who the mouthpieces represent (usually viewpoints one never hears directly in the mainstream media), and Spengler is quite thought-provoking even if I totally disagree with him more often than not.

This web site would be a great resource for a course on critical thinking.


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